New World Creative LLC

noun: \ˌnu-werld-kree-ˈa-tiv-el-el-see\

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Back in 1997, when Zip drives were all the rage and before blogging was a thing (we called it "writing stuff on the internet"), one man had a vision of a business so revolutionary that the world would tilt a little bit on its axis and everybody would join hands and do a little dance. He went on to make a few bucks. I think his name was Steve Jobs* or something.

But anyhow, this other guy put on a dress shirt that he borrowed from a roommate and a tie that he already owned -- which is weird now that I think about it; I mean, who owns a tie but not a dress shirt to go with it? That's like owning shoelaces but no shoes, but I digress -- where was I, oh yeah... he strapped his beeper to his belt and drove to a dozen or so print shops in the Las Vegas Valley dropping off business cards and offering "typesetting" services. By the end of the day, he had a handful of new clients and thus Strong Graphic Design was born.

That man was Dan Strong. Get it, Strong Graphic Design? You know, because his last name is Strong, and he did graphic design. Heavy, man. But there was a problem: he also did websites.

It was quite a delimma.

So in 2005, while living in Boise, he decided to change the name. And besides, since SGD was a sole-proprietorship and he had managed to acquire a dress shirt of his own, he couldn't risk losing it. It was clear that he needed the protection of a corporate entity in the event that someone slipped and fell on a logo and wanted to get their dirty mitts on some of that sweet sweet graphic design money.

In a nod to Rush, and because the domain name "" was taken, he named the new incarnation New World Creative LLC. And there was much rejoicing (yaay).
*Yeah yeah, Apple was founded in 1976, but Apple bought NeXT in 1997 bringing Steve back into the fold. They sold a few trinkets after that.